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Introducing the RH20MFF (FIRE FIGHTER), specifically designed for quick access in tight spaces and great maneuverability in densely populated cities.

Urban fires are an ever-present threat. They result in significant material damage as well as the potential loss of human life. What’s more, the situation can become difficult and highly complicated in high-density areas or neighborhoods with narrow roads.

This is exactly the problem that a, RH Equipment (RH-Ladder) client had to face in 2016, as Jonathan Lesage, president, tells us: “Three or four years ago, the Jinhwa company contacted us after a large fire had destroyed several buildings in a South Korean city. Their truck was too big for such narrow streets and, sadly, several people died in the fire. On our side, we already had a large inventory of vehicles on Korean roads since 2005. Company executives remembered our vehicles and contacted us online to develop a product suited to their needs.  Since that time, we have sold them five different units of hydraulic telescopic ladder adaptable to vehicles such as the 3.5-ton Hyundai Mightytruck, 5 -ton Hyundai Megatruck and Volvo FL series.”



Following the delivery of these models, RH Equipment (RH-Ladder) gain further contracts in South Korea, creating a new four-section ladder model with a company based in Seoul. Since then, in South Korea, more than fifty fire trucks have been equipped with telescopic ladders (including those from 2005) from RH Equipment (RH-Ladder)



With the purpose of exploring this niche and developing this market, not yet present in Canada (everything is bought in the United States), in 2019 we created the Model RH20M for the fire division, that is, the model developed for Korea. It is equipped with an extra-light, 4-section ladder, with a reach of 20 m (65 feet), all of which can be mounted on a small, 3.5-ton truck. A model specifically designed for quick access in tight spaces that offers great maneuverability in densely populated cities. The platform has a central emergency stair that can be placed against windowsills, a great help during rescues.



In our quest to offer new solutions for the work-at-height needs of vehicles, the South Korean market has presented us with new challenges in the fire truck industry. We are very proud that RH Equipment (RH-Ladder) is going further and even higher with the new model: RH20MFF.

This new, highly versatile product meets the growing needs of the fire intervention market, particularly for integration into a truck lighter and more compact than industry standards.

When it comes to fire intervention, you can therefore count on our two ladder models: the RH20M designed for rescue mode and the RH20MFF, with Fire Fighter options.



It is important to note that the RH20MFF is equipped with a water supply line that distributes 500 GPM to the platform and a directional canon. The RH20MFF ladder offers a platform resistance of 272 kg (600 lb.) in the retracted position and 136 kg (300 lb.) in full extension. Everything is mounted on a 5-ton vehicle.



The bucket’s ergonomics has been revised and enhanced: this one has a folding rescue ladder on the front to create a redesigned workspace. The deployment of the ladder allows a rescue 1.5 m lower than the floor of the platform.



A control station at the base has been added by integrating a console, which allows for unparalleled control and visibility during operations. In the control area, you will find a directional cannon camera for optimum precision during interventions.



The design and engineering have been revised, allowing us to further improve the structural capabilities of our equipment. Additionally, a unique roller system has been incorporated to ensure greater stability and user comfort.



At RH, we choose our materials with care, which allows us to install our equipment on smaller vehicles while offering you a maximized working height. For the design of RH20M and RH20MFF models, we use aeronautical grade aluminum as well as specialized high-resistance steel.



City councils and supply service centers: do not hesitate to contact RH Equipment (RH-Ladder) your aerial lift manufacturer, for more information on specifications and conditions to take into account when installing a telescopic aerial ladder. Trust RH Equipment (RH-Ladder) to ensure the highest quality and security standards for your teams and citizens!

As a premiere, RH Equipment (RH-Ladder) announces that our first small fire truck in Canada will start operating in the city of Hebbville (Nova Scotia), in the Maritimes! Stay tuned for more information or contact us!

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