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The skilled labour shortage has become a growing problem in recent years. Employers in the industrial sector have no choice but to adapt and innovate in order to overcome this shortage.  

This is particularly true of Biexo, which has turned to robotics and automation.  

It’s an effective solution with multiple advantages!  

Indeed, investing in an advanced industrial robot enables us to maintain a very rapid production rate. Our robot assembles 10 to 16 tanks a day, equivalent to the daily productivity of three to four qualified welders.  

This automation is not intended to replace our existing workforce, but rather to fill hard-to-hire positions. With this in mind, the robot significantly increases our production capacity without encroaching on the work and skills of our human resources.  

In addition to this initiative, we now own a “collaborative” robot (i.e. cobot) for the automation and manufacture of small parts. This new technology’s arrival in our production process brings significantly appreciable advantages.  

Freed from repetitive tasks, our skilled welders can concentrate on complex jobs that truly require their expertise. The cobot is in charge of simpler, more monotonous tasks.  

This strategic approach optimizes our company’s overall productivity and team satisfaction! With this harmonious evolution toward the future, we are establishing a mechanical link between Biexo members and innovative technology, thus promoting professional development as well as storage tank production capacity.  

Thanks to our company’s integration of robots and cobots, we excel when it comes to solving challenges posed by the labour shortage. By combining the efficiency of our machines with the expertise and dedication of our team, we aim to maintain and increase our competitive position.  

Offering multiple positive benefits, this approach is a guarantee of success and a step toward a promising future.  

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