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In the transportation sector, every minute counts. An unexpected stop of a workstation bay can lead to costly delays and significant consequences for the company and its clients. It is now essential for these businesses to enhance their operations to be efficient, productive, and faster. This will not only enhance their reputation but also boost profitability.

Girolift's 100% hydraulic lifting systems perfectly meet the essential solutions for optimizing efficiency!


Let's illustrate this with a hypothetical scenario:

A delivery vehicle is immobilized on a service bay in a mechanical workshop. The service bay is out of order due to a malfunction in the lifting system, rendering it unusable indefinitely.


What are the consequences?

The delivery vehicle is forced to postpone all scheduled deliveries for the day because the workshop cannot perform the necessary repairs on the vehicle.

As a result, clients awaiting their deliveries are compelled to reschedule their own timelines. The impact of a stopped workstation bay may seem insignificant at first glance but quickly sets off a chain reaction affecting multiple users.

Unsurprisingly, this situation creates a triple wave of dissatisfaction and discontent, potentially causing significant revenue losses at three distinct levels: the mechanical workshop, the delivery company, and the clients patiently awaiting their parcels. Three tiers of operations impacted by a single malfunctioning workstation bay.

Moreover, this issue could recur at car and truck dealerships serving individuals. A non-operational workstation bay prevents them from conducting necessary repairs on their clients' vehicles, leaving clients without their personal transportation for several days.


Hydraulic system: the ideal solution

However, with Girolift's fully hydraulic lifting systems, such situations are significantly minimized. Unlike traditional devices prone to breakdowns from damaged, worn, or defective mechanisms, Girolift's hydraulic lifting systems ensure reliability! They deliver the essential performance your business needs to excel in a competitive market.

By eliminating mechanisms prone to breaking, the risk of breakdown is greatly minimized. Your business can thus operate with peace of mind while maintaining high productivity without constraints.


Significant benefits

Furthermore, Girolift's hydraulic lifting solutions are designed for easy maintenance and repair. Skilled technicians quickly diagnose issues, reducing unforeseen downtime. This ease of maintenance also extends the operational lifespan of the system, making your purchase a long-term investment.

By choosing a quality hydraulic lifting system, your business avoids expenses and inconveniences associated with out-of-service workstation bays.

The benefits include increased productivity, enhanced customer satisfaction, and substantial savings on maintenance costs.


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