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Nouvel Horizon is a company that specializes in designing and producing high-end windows. In 2019, the company embarked on a strategic change to enable it to bypass hiring difficulties and, in so doing, maximize its resources as much as possible. 

The company was experiencing operational challenges in both its window and door divisions. Management then made a strategic decision: to join forces with a company specializing in door production. 

This led to a partnership with Mélymax, a company widely recognized for the superior quality of its steel doors. Initial discussions eventually led to an official alliance, confirming Mélymax as an important partner of Nouvel Horizon. 

In fact, Mélymax’s significant production capacity, combined with its experience in building interpersonal and commercial relationships based on trust, greatly facilitated the collaboration between these two organizations. 

All in all, the decision to entrust door manufacturing to Mélymax, with its reputation for producing superior-quality steel doors, was an excellent choice. 

By refocusing on window manufacturing, Nouvel Horizon saw a significant increase in its operational efficiency and also solidified its reputation as a supplier of top-quality window products. 

There was, however, one particular concern among management: As Patrick Grégoire, President of Nouvel Horizon, put it: “Knowing the risks of outsourcing our door manufacturing to another company, would we still be able to maintain quality standards and supply products to our customers at a competitive price?” » 

This concern was quickly put to rest when Nouvel Horizon saw the exceptional quality of the products supplied by Mélymax. As a company committed to continuous innovation, Mélymax readily uses the best materials available in Quebec. 

In addition, constant research and development in manufacturing and automation technologies enable Mélymax to offer its customers high-performance, top-quality products at competitive prices. 

This alliance between Nouvel Horizon and Mélymax is not simply a partnership between two companies, but a true coalition of excellence. 

For Nouvel Horizon, joining forces with Mélymax represents a very significant business development pursuit and offers, without a doubt, a clear path to innovation and an increase in its own productivity. 

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