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Harnois Irrigation in Quebec designs and manufactures irrigation booms, the fruit of many years’ research. 

We offer the MegaBooms and Ocmis models. They are used in conjunction with a hose reel. The booms are equipped with low-pressure sprinkler heads for greater uniformity. Their high-strength structure and carefully selected components guarantee high efficiency. 

One of the major benefits of the Harnois irrigation boom is the 20% yield increase observed among users. It is crucial to understand that given the impact of climate change on nature, irrigation systems have become indispensable tools, often referred to as “crop insurance.” 

Capable of irrigating up to 17 acres a day, the boom offers up to 20% water savings, as it reduces evaporation compared to rain gun irrigation. It also represents up to a 40% energy savings since pressure is reduced at the pump. Furthermore, the boom is available with a drop tube system for precise water application to the ground between rows. 

Another advantage of the irrigation boom is the increased percentage of water at root level, increasing from 55% with a high-pressure rain gun to 92% with Harnois booms. Data confirmed by researchers at the University of Washington. 

We offer impeccable after-sales service and guarantee local manufacturing. The judicious and optimal use of water resources in the crop irrigation process is essential, and we can help you achieve this. Contact us to learn more. 

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