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Opportunities for advancement at AIF are more than just words, they’re a concrete fact.  

Here’s an example:  

Today, Martin is Logistics and Supply chain Manager at AIF. 

He is an excellent example of the career development potential an employee can achieve with our company. 

His career path clearly demonstrates AIF’s vision of valuing and promoting our employees throughout their careers.  

Interestingly, Martin’s first job was as a sheet metal worker. He started at AIF at the age of 19. 

He took advantage of the training available and has always been involved on a daily basis.  

What’s more, he successfully developed the core skills of his job, including welding and polishing. 

Over the years, he was offered a series of promotions because of his determination. 

Martin first became a foreman, then production supervisor, assessor, and project manager, before finally taking up the position of Logistics and Supply Chain Manager.  

That is a fine example of success. 

All AIF employees benefit from similar growth opportunities, depending on job availability.  

In fact, for AIF, employee training is the key to professional development. 

As a result, our employees have access to a wide range of on-line and in-class training programs and courses that help them develop their skills and prepare them for more demanding positions. 

Our company is dedicated to serving, transforming and responding to both our customers’ and our employees’ needs.  

Taking care of our employees is at the heart of our corporate culture.  

This is reflected in programs such as health and wellness, help with professional development and a positive working environment. 

We encourage our employees to excel in their jobs and contribute to the company’s success, so that they feel truly appreciated.  

At AIF, every available position is first posted internally before being advertised externally.  

We actively promote our employees’ growth and professional development, because we believe that the success of our company is largely due to the development of our employees. 

If you want to grow, evolve and expand professionally, you should join the AIF family for a golden opportunity! 

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