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In addition to having access to hundreds of manufacturers and subcontractors, you will be able to obtain competitive quotes on your calls for tenders. You will develop your network of partners in order to meet your most complex needs. From design to manufacturing, the members of the Metal Manufacturing Alliance network are driven by the spirit of innovation and leadership necessary to develop profitable, efficient and customized solutions. They deliver the goods to their customers located all over the world. Discover new partners who will help you meet your many challenges!



Metal Manufacturing Alliance (MMA) brings together metal manufacturing industry companies that share values and a common vision: promoting a world-class manufacturing sector! 

These companies, which aim to ensure a solid manufacturing sector, work primarily in manufacturing metal products, manufacturing and designing machines, manufacturing transportation equipment, and manufacturing complex structures and metal components. Many members also offer various industrial subcontracting services. These organizations are focused on quality, innovation, and cultivating new markets. 

Many MMA member companies are defined as the best in the industry, standing out in the technology sphere by offering innovative products and services. 

Establishing partnerships with other organizations, a growth driver for many companies, is a strategy employed by MMA members. Pooling their expertise and complementary talents allows them to consolidate their market position, cultivate external markets, stimulate and support innovation, and speed up the integration of digital technologies.

Sectors : 

  • Drilling and stamping
  • Manufacturing of ornamental and architectural metal
  • Manufacturing of steel frames and metal structures
  • Turned product and screw, nut and bolt manufacturing
  • Fabricated metal product manufacturing
  • Machine shops
  • Coating, engraving, cold and heat treating activities
  • Agricultural implement manufacturing
  • Construction machinery manufacturing
  • Mining and oil and gas field manufacturing
  • Industrial machinery manufacturing
  • Commercial and service industry machinery manufacturing
  • Industrial and commercial fan and blower and air purification equipment manufacturing
  • Industrial mould manufacturing 
  • Metalworking machinery manufacturing
  • Motor vehicle body manufacturing
  • Truck trailer manufacturing
  • Medical equipment manufacturing

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