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Mailhot is proud to have participated in Waste Expo 2024, held from May 6 to 9 at the Las Vegas Convention Centre. Waste Expo is the largest trade show for the waste collection, recycling, organics recycling and organics industry in North America.

It brings together companies and professionals specializing in waste management, recycling and sustainable solutions.

Mailhot was delighted to meet with all of its customers at the trade fair. This year, the presence of Mailhot’s Vice President of Engineering enabled the company to discuss future needs with customers, with a view to developing new products.

Mailhot stood out at the show by announcing its acquisition by Wipro, an Indian multinational.

Customers particularly appreciated the proximity and ease of access to Mailhot’s various departmental vice presidents, who were present at the company’s booth. They were able to discuss their specific needs and receive concrete answers from Mailhot’s experts.

With its many entertainment options, the city of Las Vegas was also advantageous, allowing the company to forge stronger links with customers at dinners and events.

The show was a resounding success for Mailhot, with the main benefits being the solidification of relationships with existing customers and the acquisition of new prospects. The company is convinced that its participation will enable it to continue its growth and consolidate its position as a market leader.

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