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A quarter century of excellence marks a turning point in FMB’s history.

Over the decades, the Lanaudière-based company has evolved to become a pillar of economic innovation beyond Canadian borders. A dedicated and innovative company, FMB maintains its unwavering commitment to excellence.  


A regional, provincial and international presence  

FMB’s growth extends beyond the Lanaudière region, a territory that is particularly important to this local company. With a reach across Canada and a significant presence in the United States, FMB has succeeded in offering a diverse range of products that now resonate on a regional, provincial and international scale.  


Steve Gravel’s visionary leadership 

Steve Gravel set a strategic turning point in motion when he took the reins at FMB in 2017, after more than sixteen years at the company. Gravel’s role as sales manager has transformed working conditions, strengthening team bonds. His managerial vision has provided fresh impetus, inspiring a culture of constant innovation within the company.  


Recognition and gratitude  

FMB would like to express its gratitude to the many players who have taken on major roles in the last few decades. Our partners, customers and collaborators have all contributed to our success over the past 25 years. And while all of those aforementioned are essential to the company’s sustainability, FMB would not be celebrating this anniversary without the dedication and hard work of its employees and all those who have been part of the FMB family in the past. They are the true engine of our success. 

As the company reminisces over the past 25 years, it also looks forward to the future. The FMB team is motivated and ready to take on new challenges. Committed to offering its partners, customers and collaborators the very best, a constant quest for innovation remains at the heart of FMB’s mission.  

This odyssey is much more than a simple commemoration; it’s the reflection of a company filled with pride. FMB looks forward to continuing its journey and adding a host of new chapters to its exceptional history.  

Congratulations on 25 years!  

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