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We have transformed our way of doing business development. With a targeted strategy, adapted to our offer, we attract better qualified prospects.
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Érick Villeneuve

The return on investment was very fast. After a few months, we had already made some sales and received several leads
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Alexis Delage

A team that listens, a personalized and attentive service. By being part of the platform, we had access to high level professionals, who took us where we wanted to go
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Olivier Lanctôt



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Le gouvernement du Canada soutient les Industries Mailhot

Le gouvernement canadien investit 4 millions de dollars dans deux entreprises, dont Industries Mailhot, à Lanaudière, pour financer un projet d'automatisation 4.0 de 20 millions de dollars visant à accroître la productivité et réduire les coûts, soutenu par le PDG Charles Massicotte pour consolider le leadership de l'entreprise.


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