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Strict compliance with standards, such as AMS 2750 and CQI-9, is more than necessary in the aerospace and automotive sectors. It is a guarantee of quality and safety. These industries must, therefore, meet regulatory requirements

The AMS 2750 standard in the aerospace industry  


Consistency, traceability and reliability: 3 essential criteria  

In the aerospace industry, AMS 2750 establishes essential criteria for calibrating and standardizing heat treatment equipment temperature. This standard ensures treatment consistency and is crucial to aerospace material and component reliability. AMS 2750 documents the history of materials through a traceability system, considering that variations may occur that could affect their properties. This is an optimal way of ensuring quality control and calibration measurement safety.  


Complying with the rules reduces risk  

Components can suffer performance risks, defects or failures in industry. Regulatory bodies and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) require compliance with AMS 2750 to avoid many problems. This ensures aircraft safety and reliability.  

The CQI-9 standard in the automotive industry  

Quality control: a strict process  


The Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) guides heat treatment systems assessment and testing using the CQI-9 standard in the automotive sector. This standard guarantees the heat treatment process quality with precision, which is essential for safety and performance-related automotive components.  


Ensuring stability and consistency  


CQI-9 provides automotive supply chain consistency and stability, ensuring that parts from different suppliers uniformly meet high safety and performance requirements.  


Reduce the risk of failure  

Several factors, including heat treatment, can influence the mechanical properties of materials. CQI-9 significantly reduces the risk of defects and failures, improving vehicle safety and reliability, as this is a critical process in the industry. 

Imposing compliance: a contractual requirement  


CQI-9 is becoming a crucial part of the qualification process as a contractual requirement for many automotive manufacturers and suppliers. Compliance is essential to ensure impeccable quality.  

Evidently, AMS 2750 and CQI-9 are essential standards in the aerospace and automotive industries. They guarantee high reliability, compliance and quality and significantly reduce risk. Accurate compliance with the rules has become a priority in these two sectors.   


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