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At Liard Industries, we proudly introduce the Mazak e-1060 and i-630 5-Axis machines, marking a major step in steel machining. 

Working on Mazak’s 5-axis e-1060 and i-630 machines at Liard is an adventure, providing employees with new challenges. Our company offers a professional growth opportunity for those who aspire to learn how to program unique machines for complex 5-axis metal part machining. 

The distinguishing feature of these machines is their 5-axis capability, enabling a single machine to carry out all operations on a single part. This consolidation of machining steps elevates the nature of the work while presenting the challenge of mastering the associated complex programming. 

Manufacturing more complex parts and the need for advanced programming add a stimulating dimension to our employee’s daily routine by breaking the routine and providing a greater sense of accomplishment. Working on these machines is a source of professional satisfaction and enables the performance of tasks that would be impossible with conventional machines. 

Therefore, Liard’s performance is improved by eliminating the need for several machines to produce a complex part. This saves time and resources. Our 5-axis machines are measures of quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction, setting us apart from the competition in the machining subcontracting sector. 

Our customers benefit from a turnkey approach by choosing Liard, where all welding and machining on parts is performed in the same place, guaranteeing a finished product of better quality.  

Liard’s integration of Mazak’s 5-axis e-1060 and i-630 machines has generated positive benefits, including expanding the service offering to meet customer needs, new market development and improved profitability of the parts produced. The unique machines enable Liard to stand out in the machining sector.  

We are also a leader in metal transformation, with a fleet of 24 digital and conventional machines. 

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