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Fils Metalliques Berthier (FMB) has demonstrated its commitment to Alliance Metal Quebec (AMQ) from day one.

Since then, FMB has played an active role in this non-profit organization (NPO), contributing fully to its initiatives.  


Sharing common interests and perfectly in tune with AMQ’s mission, Fils Metalliques Berthier was an obvious choice to collaborate with Alliance Metal Quebec and its participating members. This collaboration has been a major asset to the company’s growth and development from the very first.  


Let’s illustrate the positive effects of this fruitful collaboration.  


Training to Better Equip Managers  

More than five years ago, FMB signed up for the Plant Manager Training & Coaching program. Intended for department managers, foremen, supervisors, coordinators and team leaders in the Lanaudiere region’s metal processing sector, this program combined theoretical classroom training and individual on-the-job coaching.


It covered a range of management topics, including managerial responsibilities, decision-making, motivation, communication, change management, production and maintenance.  


Finally, participants were able to learn more about continuous improvement, lean manufacturing, leadership and human resources.  


In complete alignment with the vision of FMB’s owner, this initiative was aimed at progressively introducing an organizational model based on horizontal management, where decision-making power is distributed equitably among the organization’s members, thus breaking with the traditional vertical hierarchy.  


Digital Marketing Network - Phase 1  

In 2018, FMB also took part in the first phase of the Digital Marketing Network.  


This initial phase of the project focused on collaboration and innovation in the marketing efforts of the 20 participating companies. The positive results of this phase were tangible, with a marked improvement in FMB’s digital visibility, a better understanding of its market positioning, optimization of its digital outreach, and consolidation of its online communication channels.   


Digital Marketing Network - Phase 2  

In 2021, FMB continued to demonstrate its commitment by participating in the second phase of the Digital Marketing Network.  


This phase enabled FMB to refine its positioning and significantly increase its online presence, thanks in particular to a dynamic content strategy and targeted Google Ads advertising campaigns.  


Furthermore, this phase generated increased interest from potential new customers, while FMB’s strategic watch enabled it to keep abreast of the latest innovations in its sector.  


Active Community Involvement  

In recognition of the many benefits of working with AMQ, Steve Gravel, Director of FMB, has decided to become more involved by joining the organization’s Board of Directors.  


This allows him to actively contribute to a cause close to his heart while expanding his professional network and further developing his management and leadership skills.  


Collaboration with Alliance Metal Quebec remains an essential driver for FMB’s ongoing development. It perfectly embodies the synergy between companies and industry bodies, enabling FMB to thrive in an ever-changing competitive environment.  

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