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Every day in hospitals, hundreds of surgical instruments are cleaned and sterilized for re-use.

Once these instruments have been sterilized, they must be stored in a sterile environment to avoid contamination. They can either be transported immediately to their point of use, or stored in a sterile area, ready for future utilization.  


While some hospitals have storage rooms in sterile areas, others have to use positive pressure cabinets to store their sterilized instruments.  


It was with a view to finding a sterile environment for its sterile containers that Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital turned to Adaptaid's expertise in designing air-filtered cabinets.  


In order to recreate hospital storage conditions in a sterile area, Benoit Girard, Adaptaid's Director of Engineering and R&D, took a close look at Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital's challenge and came up with a unique solution: the MEDICASE series of cabinets. These new cabinets, ventilated with HEPA filters under continuous positive pressure, meet all the requirements for storing surgical instruments and sterile containers.  


Combined with the closed carts, used to transport the surgical instruments, the combination of cabinets and carts creates an optimal logistics solution in which the surgical instruments are constantly protected from the risk of cross-contamination.  

Features and Benefits of MEDICASE Sterile Storage Cabinets 

MEDICASE cabinets have a grade 304 stainless steel structure with TIG welds. They are available with one or two doors incorporating a full-length, impact and scratch-resistant tempered glass window. 

To enhance work ergonomics as well as the safety of the instruments and sterile containers stored, a full range of useful features and options allows customization to the needs of each hospital. These options include the following items: 

  • Sliding and height-adjustable shelves 

  • Traceability system 

  • Security locks 

  • Emergency opening in manual mode 

  • Door-open alarm 


Whatever the major challenges facing hospitals, Adaptaid offers a range of solutions that comply with Canadian healthcare standards. From design to installation and commissioning, Adaptaid's medical equipment is all about the same thing: productive workflow, patient safety, low energy costs and long life. 




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