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Founded in 1991, RH Equipment has developed over the years a line of innovative hydraulic aerial ladders that provides a working height from 34 to 65 feet. We manufacture insulated and non-insulated hydraulic aerial ladders.

Today, we present the RH44D, installed on a "roll-on roll-off". This equipment is rigged out with a telescopic ladder (including a bucket) and is mounted on a roll-off platform that is attached to the truck. With its rear wheels, the platform can be completely removed from the truck in a few minutes. This offers the flexibility sought by municipalities or contractors who perform multi-seasonal work. For example, with the same truck, a municipality can install a dump body to load snow in the winter and reinstall the roll-on/roll-off aerial lift to maintain street lights or install Christmas decorations.


For more details, see the video :



In everything we manufacture at RH Equipment, our motivation comes down to developing a product for the specific needs of the market and creating a high-tech concept that meets the highest requirements of our users. The result is a versatile and durable hydraulic aerial ladder that works in a wide variety of applications.


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