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Over the years, RH Equipment Inc has put on the market many products to meet different customer needs. Each of our product has its own identity thus its own name, but do you know the meaning of our products model numbers ?


All models begin with the letters RH, in reference to the company name Robert Hydraulics Inc. chosen by founder Robert Desrosiers over 25 years ago. Then there is the number that indicates the estimated working height (calculated in imperial or in feet). RH41 means that once this aerial lift equipment is installed on a vehicle and the ladder is fully extended, the working height should be 41’ at the user’s torso from the ground. Obviously, the vehicle height has an impact on the final working height, which is why we always say estimated height.



Following the number, we find a letter (or not) “D”, which stands for ​dielectric​ meaning that the ladder is isolated. Without going into details, we’re talking about a certified insulation of 46KV to the bucket (C category).

That was the basic, but as we mentioned above, RH is a company in continuous development and search for solutions to its customers, resulting in even more models. This explains why several other letters can be seen (L – P – S – T). They all point to a peculiarity of the associated product.

Meaning: “Light

Unlike our original telescopic ladders which counted three sections, this one counts only 2, reducing the number of components used and the weight of the unit.


Meaning: “Platform

This model was developed specifically for roadside maintenance and as meaning says it is a platform, not a ladder. It can go up to 14′ high.

Meaning: “Steps

This product has self-levelling steps. This unit goes from a perfectly flat platform up to a 60-degree staircase. We have created this product for the airports. We specially made this unit facilitate the aircraft maintenance.

Meaning: “Telecom

This configuration is exclusively designed to perform in the “Lineman” field. This device provides access from/to the ground, a bigger basket that is specially configured for the “Lineman” tools. The unit is also reinforced for the lateral side pull.


With our dynamic team and the desire to innovate, RH Equipment is expecting to add several new letters of the alphabet to the list before long.


We invite you to visit our website for more details on our products.



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