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Two weeks ago, Impack teams installed 2 new IN2A - Ergosa C (horizontal and manual mode) packaging lines at Firstan Limited.

Faced with the current health crisis and the impossibility to travel, it remains essential to serve and support our customers around the world. While respecting the measures established by governments, the installation of the Ergosa packers was done remotely, thanks to the coordination between our partner John Hall at Ipack Solutions and the technical teams at Firstan Limited.


Between telephone appointments and videoconferences, we ensured optimal communication and monitoring of the progress of the installations was carried out without complications. Despite the time difference between our two countries, Impack's teams based in Quebec, Canada were able to provide complete technical support in a timely manner.


At Impack, we actively exploit this remote working method to stay connected with our clients. A remote installation is also a way to reduce installation costs. During this period of uncertainty, our teams are attentive and reactive to customer needs.



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