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Increasingly innovative packaging solutions

The biggest advantage of cardboard packaging is that it can be made in different sizes, shapes and designs. Manufacturers of solid and corrugated cardboard packaging are today able to offer increasingly innovative packaging solutions to meet the needs and identity of their customers.  

Why is that important ? Because today, with the growth of online retailing, consumers are attracted to personalized packaging. They appreciate receiving well-packaged products and want to enjoy a unique unpacking experience. This means that manufacturers of cardboard packaging must have the right equipment to design boxes in a variety of shapes and to operate in small series. 


Machines that combine flexibility and performance 

Customized packaging means being fast and efficient. For producers of cardboard packaging, it is essential to continually seek to improve in order to produce elaborate cardboard boxes that are in line with customer expectations. This means acquiring quality equipment for your folder-gluers, optimized and flexible packers capable of handling all box formats. Finally, the adjustment of the machines must be quick and easy so as not to slow down production. 

There is a wide range of high-performance packers on the market that can meet the needs of your folding-gluing lines. Depending on the products you design, sometimes a simple adjustment on your equipment could completely change the situation.


Complex products to produce

The manufacturers of folding cartons and corrugated cardboard packaging often have to pack complex boxes manually. A custom solution is sometimes considered for complex products to increase productivity. It is often “small” run and / or “small” annual quantity whose repeatability is not guaranteed. It is also to consider that the custom solutions are, usually, expensive. So it is often difficult to justify the pay back. 

When designing complex products, you need to know how to optimize your production line. 

It is quite possible that standard packers may not fully meet your needs. In these cases, small adaptations to your equipment or adding functionality to your already installed packers may be sufficient. Impack is characterized by innovation and develops solutions adapted to the complexities of the market. Impack packers are optimized for the production of packaging of different volumes and sizes.

Let’s take the example of the DS Smith company in France, Impack’s partner for several years, which opted for custom-made packers after evaluating its needs. DS Smith wanted above all to modernize its collection systems, which were evaluated as being unsuited to the evolution of its products. The company also wanted to improve performance, in particular by reducing the number of staff on its folding-gluing line, while maintaining a good production rate. DS Smith mentions the fact that Impack packers are fully aligned with the complexity of their products, where many others have not been able to provide solutions. 

Discover our article on the DS Smith company and its custom equipment needs here.

For even more flexibility, tailor-made solutions are available. 

Owning high-performance, multi-purpose machines means offering your customers quality, speed and flexibility. In this way, you stand out from the competition. Whether you want simple adaptations for your machines, specific packaging equipment or additional systems for your packers, Impack allows you to meet your challenges. The company’s experts always take into account your specifications and constraints to maximize the performance of your folding-gluing lines. 

Thanks to the tailor-made packers, you will increase your productivity and reduce your costs. For Impack, designing custom equipment solutions means both customizing and optimizing production to help folding and corrugated board packaging manufacturers achieve their goals efficiently. 

 Discover Impack’s custom packers realizations.



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