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Denis Ouellet, Josée Rainville and their son Rémi have opted to convert their corn-soybean grain farm into a 100% organic market garden and grain farm.



In 2013, the Ouellet family transformed its farming practices on its farm spanning over 1,200 acres. With consumer demand for organic products on the rise, the market was favorable for a return to more conservative soil fertility practices at Ferme Proterre. Organic farming has many benefits for those who enjoy its products and also for the farmers themselves. They are no longer exposed to chemical inputs, which unfortunately are released into the environment and waterways.


Going green has enabled Ferme Proterre to diversify its crops. Its eight employees now grow wheat, soybeans and animal corn, in addition to vegetables such as squash, for the fresh market, and broccoli, cauliflower, peas and beans, for the Bonduelle Canada cannery. These vegetables that thrive in the farm’s fields end up on our tables and we enjoy them as frozen vegetables. All of Ferme Proterre’s crops are approved by Canada Organic Agriculture, certified by Ecocert Canada.


Although the Ouellet family is successfully practicing organic farming, they faced a very dry summer in 2018. With the expected broccoli harvest just two weeks away, drought took its toll on the crops and seriously threatened the 50 acres of production! Since they had to save their crops at all costs, our farmers managed to get a sprinkler irrigation system, which wasn’t very efficient, but which was able to save the broccoli crop. After that incident, three shareholders decided to invest in the water supply and look into the best possible field-watering system.




Rémi Ouellet then met with Michel Goyet at ​Harnois Irrigation​. Together, they defined the needs of the farm and designed a custom-made irrigation system. Michel’s advice helped him to choose the following equipment: Two OCMIS hose reels (1,443 ft.) and two HARNOIS boom irrigation systems (300 ft.). The boom systems supplied by Harnois Irrigation are 36% more efficient than water cannons and consume much less water. Installed in the spring of 2019, the irrigation system enabled Ferme Proterre to irrigate more land with the same amount of water as before. By standardizing water application, the system guarantees optimized yields and harvest with no bad surprises !


“ Thanks to the products and consulting services from Harnois Irrigation, we are assured that our organic crops will now have excellent yields, no matter what the weather brings ! ” - Denis​ O​uellet, Josée Rainville, Rémi Ouellet, producers-farm owners – Ferme Proterre


To contact Michel Goyet at ​Harnois Irrigation and plan your custom-made irrigation system :



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