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    The Harnois Irrigation team assists you in the selection of irrigation products that best meet your specific needs.

    We are a manufacturer and distributor of mechanized field irrigation systems, offering solutions that save water and fossil fuel. Since 1956, we have been researching the best technologies and integrating them into our equipment selections to help agricultural companies produce more and better while saving and protecting our environment.


    • Agricultural
    • Institutional

    • Aluminum (Al)
    • Iron (Fe)

    • Soft steel
    • Stainless steel
    • Cast iron

    • Bronze

    PRODUCTS: From aluminum pipes to fittings, pumps, reels, booms, pivots and linear systems, we offer a wide range of products from well-known suppliers to meet your agricultural or industrial needs.

    Booms REELS Harnois Irrigation offers Ocmis traveler reels. Our team of specialists chose this high-quality product for its reliability and versatility. You can also pair it with a boom to save water, cut down on fuel and protect your environment. At prices that can’t be beat, our advisors will recommend one of Ocmis’ traveler reels equipped for your needs.

    PIVOTS Harnois Irrigation offers T-L pivots and linear systems. By assessing your needs and environment, we can suggest the right models, options and layout plan to meet your expectations. Yes, it’s true: you can properly irrigate 80 productive acres with a pivot or boom fed by a 40 hp or less motor pump! T-L pivots and linear systems are recognized for their structural quality and performance; these excellent products have already been installed on many North American potato farms.

    FITTINGS We offer you a wide range of tubes, pipes, hoses and fittings. Harnois Irrigation designs adapters and assembles custom fittings for suction lines based on expected flow rates and filtration.

    BOOMS The result of years of research, Harnois Irrigation offers you Harnois booms, particularly the MegaBooms and Ocmis models. Used in conjunction with a reel, our booms are equipped with high-efficiency, low-pressure sprinkler heads. The percentage of water found at the roots increases from 55% (high-pressure gun) to 92% with Harnois booms. PUMPS We offer a wide range of pumps and pump accessories. Harnois Irrigation assembles motor pumps. These are mounted on a covered frame. Harnois motor pumps include the right pump for your needs, a suitable electric or combustion engine as well as operating, safety and priming tools. In addition, we design custom adapters for suction lines based on the expected flow rates and filtration.

    OTHER We offer a wide range of irrigators and accessories.


    IRRIGATION PLAN DESIGNS We work with you to design your irrigation system like a tailor-made suit. Our experience in designing custom irrigation plans will transform your project into an efficient system that works. Our design and analysis department will give you a quote that meets both your needs and your budget.

    INSTALLATION SERVICE We offer an installation service for the following equipment: Pivots Pump stations Filtration and water intake stations Underground piping and hydrants.

    REPAIR SERVICE We offer a repair service for most of the following mechanical irrigation equipment: Reels (all brands) Pivots (all brands) Harnois, Ocmis and Bauer booms Various pumps, motor pumps and fittings

    Let us help you design your irrigation plan !

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    Today, agricultural producers must consider the environment by reducing the use of water and fuels while limiting fertilizer runoff.

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    To ensure a good supply for the vegetable preservation market, Coubi Farm, in Ste-Élisabeth, has acquired ​Harnois Irrigation​ equipment to increase its vegetable crop yields.

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