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Mélymax, manufacturer of superior steel doors, is unveiling a new brand image on all its platforms. 


The company Mélymax is launching this strong, modern visual identity as part of its brand refresh designed to reflect the company’s unique, dynamic and innovative nature. It also highlights the company’s expertise and the superior quality of its products.


A brand-new website is part of this rebranding. It’s mainly designed for Mélymax’s current and future partners. The company’s products are available through more than forty distributors around Québec. 

The “Partners” portal gives registered distributors access to many benefits, including:

  • Exclusive news for partners

  • Technical support and practical tips

  • Training on Mélymax services to explain the technologies offered

  • Technical documentation and product glossaries

While the new site includes a portal just for partners, consumers can also explore the site to find complete information on Mélymax’s range of steel doors. Mélymax’s innovative and better performing products set them apart from their competitors. Consumers who want the high quality that Mélymax manufacturing offers can find a list of distributors on the site and locate the one that’s closest to them.


By choosing a steel Mélymax door, consumers support local buying because these doors are completely manufactured in Québec from components that also come from Québec suppliers. This guarantees consumers will get a high-quality, durable product carefully manufactured according to the strictest standards. Mélymax doors also come with one of the best warranties in the industry. 

Distributors who become Mélymax partners enjoy a sustainable relationship built on trust, premium quality products and services that will fully satisfy their clientele.



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