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In the midst of a hectic daily routine, helping our employees find a good equilibrium between their work and home lives is of utmost importance to FMB. We express our gratitude to our staff first and foremost through our commitment to a better work-life fit.

To achieve the right balance, we encourage our employees to make certain changes. 


Firstly, during the summer, the work week is based on a 4-day, 35-hour schedule, while pay is based on a total of 40 hours. This change allows employees to take greater advantage of the summer period and concentrate on their families and personal activities. Currently in a trial period, this approach could be implemented year-round. 


FMB also encourages employees to enjoy flexible working hours.  


In order to cope with the unexpected, workers are able to adopt a more flexible schedule, if necessary. This gives them the chance to attend to their family or personal obligations, while improving their ability to manage their time better. It also helps them feel confident about their work schedule and their contribution. 


To ensure good productivity and independent time management, employees are also entitled to two rest periods per day. 


During the two-week construction holiday period, FMB employees enjoy paid vacation. Thereafter, workers can opt for a third week’s paid leave during the year, once they have reached three years’ employment with the company. Lastly, employees can also request additional unpaid leave, if needed. 
By promoting work-life balance, FMB is proud to improve the mental and physical well-being of each and every one of our employees. It has been proven that employees benefit greatly from less hectic work weeks and that pre-scheduled vacation periods reduce stress and improve the health of every worker. 
By focusing on work-life balance, we prioritize our employees’ well-being, happiness and sense of satisfaction in the workplace. 

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