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To keep up with upgrades to guiding industry standards, hospitals must constantly adjust their processes and medical equipment. This is why, over the past few years, Adaptaid has repeatedly addressed the many challenges facing Medical Device Reprocessing Units (MDRU).

By working closely with MDRUs to upgrade their sterilization equipment, the company is developing choice solutions to enhance the productivity of reprocessing technicians. 


Creation of a workstation with integrated sterilization wraps 


Already widely used in MDRUs, the ERGOFLEX Adjustable Prep and Pack Table has become a truly modular workstation, thanks to the addition of useful sterilization instruments, including the ERGOFLEX Sterile Wrap Rack


This one-of-a-kind wrap rack has been designed to be installed directly on the base of the ERGOFLEX prep and pack table. It differs from other wrap racks in that it allows closer, more ergonomic access to sterilization wraps during surgical instrument packing processes. 


Made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and equipped with four cascading bars, the rack can be used to hang both large and small sterilization wraps. Because it is secured to the rack base, the sides and top of the rack provide unobstructed access, allowing MDRU technicians to quickly grab their sterilization wraps.  


In addition, the ERGOFLEX wrap rack is equipped with a retractable mechanism. Once the wrapping processes are complete, a simple push lets the technician fold up the rack.  


According to Sylvie Charette, president of Adaptaid, MDRUs do not always have a lot of space. That is why her engineering team has worked on a design that reclaims 33% of the space occupied by the wraps while reducing the footprint around the ERGOFLEX workstation.  



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