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It is important to understand all the components of a front door so that you can make the right choice of product or type of material.

A front door’s thermal insulation should protect your home from uncomfortably cold outdoor temperatures. Melymax helps you to understand all the components of a front door so that you can make the right choice of product or type of material.



Designed for Quebec’s harsh climate and featuring a clean, modern design, Melymax High Performance is emerging as the new generation in steel doors. It redefines standards of quality and outperforms every other product in the industry. It is thicker, more rugged, more airtight and more watertight. This innovative door offers insulation and strength that are superior in every respect, for comfort and durability that can’t be beat.

As part of its goal to constantly innovate, Melymax worked with Novatech to develop components to take this new design even further! With steel that is 30% thicker, additional insulation, full weather stripping and dual protection against air drafts and water leaks, Melymax High Performance offers energy efficiency and soundproofing that are unparalleled on the market.


Why this door is so effective:

  1. Up to 4X less air gets through with full weather stripping around the entire perimeter. And up to 2X more resistance to water leaks with a second weather strip;
  1. 30% more steel than a standard door, for even more strength and durability. Expanded thickness of 2.25 inches leaves space for 0.5 inch more foam insulation, which means 30% more insulation;
  1. 1.5 inch triple glazed glass, 50% thicker than standard thermos or stained glass windows
  2. Commercial ball bearing hinges make for a smoother, stronger hinge, with less creaking over the years. They are sold in three different colors. (black, satin nickel and oil rubbed bronze).



Melymax’s High Performance doors can be personalized to match your tastes and meet your needs. Seven models are available and can be modified for a modern or classic architectural look. There are some optional add-on features. Locate a distributor near you and see for yourself!



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