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As an agricultural producer, managing water flow to your fields is a key factor in managing your resources and your environmental impact. 


Here are Harnois’s professional and efficient solutions to a few of our clients’ top irrigation system concerns.


1. Increase your watering capacity using the same amount of water

Whether it’s with an Ocmis pivot, a Harnois linear (self-propelled frontal spray boom), or a tandem hose reel, choosing low-pressure sprinkler heads and positioning them optimally, will ensure an increase in water to your crop’s roots (up to 92% as compared to 55% with high-pressure rain guns). Applying the right amount of water to the right area allows you to cover up to 70% more acres with the same amount of water.


2. Reduce your energy costs

This can be achieved by choosing a high-performance hose reel or a low-pressure system.  The turbine and geared motor configuration of Ocmis hose reels reduces pressure loss by providing greater speed variation even when the flow and pressure to the machine are low. This translates to energy efficiency and reduced costs. Low-pressure systems also allow you to use less powerful irrigation pumps, saving you money on the purchase and in energy costs.


3. Ensure even water distribution in your fields

Like many pivot or linear models, our spray booms are equipped with low-pressure sprinkler heads, allowing even water distribution to your crops.  Ensuring even water distribution in your fields allows you to substantially increase your yield. Increases of about 20% have been observed.

4. Optimize your returns

Irrigation equipment is an investment that allows you to maintain and increase harvest quality, despite the dry periods we experience in Quebec. In light of global warming, irrigation systems have become essential tools, often considered as additional “crop insurance”.


5. Make your fertilization more efficient

Having the right amount of water available at the right time is a major concern.  Well-irrigated soil makes your fertilizers more efficient by allowing your plants to absorb the desired quantity of nutrients. You’ll kill two birds with one stone, making both of your investments more profitable.


6. Protect the environment

The water and fuel savings achieved with our high-quality, versatile and efficient equipment will allow you to avoid leaching and take care of the environment, all while ensuring a healthy harvest.

At Harnois, we can personalize an irrigation system so that it can benefit you the most. We will find the best irrigation system for you.

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