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To ensure a good supply for the vegetable preservation market, Coubi Farm, in Ste-Élisabeth, has acquired ​Harnois Irrigation​ equipment to increase its vegetable crop yields.

After growing field crops for a few decades, Pierre Coutu, and now his son Simon, are turning to vegetables, primarily broccoli, cauliflower and green peas, for freezing. Aiming for organic certification, the Coutu family is able to produce the highest possible quality of vegetables through proper irrigation of their fields.


Cruciferous crops like broccoli and cauliflower require regular watering if they are to develop beautiful flowering heads. As for green peas, the provision of water during flowering is crucial to ensure that the pods are filled with numerous tender peas. A low-pressure irrigation system is ideal for conserving water, while ensuring vegetable crop yields. Drought periods have become increasingly longer in recent years.


When it came time to buy irrigation equipment in 2019, Pierre and Simon Coutu did not hesitate: they chose Harnois Irrigation products. Because of the company’s proximity and accessibility, as well as their trust in the team, Pierre and Simon acquired a 500-meter Ocmis reel and a Harnois irrigation boom with rotators covering a 300-foot-wide area. The latter also features an automatic solar leveler.





They appreciate the fact that a Harnois Irrigation representative is always available to help them with their watering activities, especially during the intensive crop growth period. A piece of equipment broke due to a poor farming procedure, and it was quickly replaced to allow watering to continue. To their great satisfaction, their fields were full of beautiful vegetables at harvest time as they will be in 2020 again ! 


We were very well advised in the choice of a boom and reel, and we now operate using the best irrigation system on the market!

- Pierre Coutu, Owner, Coubi Farm


Harnois Irrigation designs tailor-made irrigation systems, according to farmers’ needs. It also distributes all the replacement parts needed for mechanized crop irrigation. ​Contact a representative​ today !



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