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Companies are constantly faced with challenges such as reducing costs and turnaround times to remain competitive and satisfy customers. This is all truer during the COVID pandemic. Liard has five ways to help your company with this.


1. Shipping fees: a trap to be avoided


When large pieces of equipment need to be transported, their weight has a major impact on the cost, which can add up to fees in the thousands of dollars. At Liard, we do everything on site, from manufacturing and machining to mechanical assembly and painting. This means that shipping costs are significantly reduced, saving you a lot of money.


2. 5-axis complex machining of parts: a real advantage


Overall, the 5-axis system is made up of a combination of turning, milling, and simultaneous machining. It includes a setup chamber that allows some parts to be prepared while others are being machined. It goes without saying that the setup costs are dramatically reduced, on top of saving you precious time.


3. Highly-skilled machinists: a key asset


Each and every one of our machinists, who are independent and versatile, is assisted by a programming technician. This avoids losing time due to lack of operator experience or knowledge, which further reduces costs and speeds up turnaround times.


4. Valuable support


Our metallurgy expert, in addition to providing you with support, can recommend smart solutions that will make your equipment last longer and run more efficiently, which will in turn save you money.


5. Partnership: one of the keys to success


It’s often said that you can’t be good at everything. At Liard, our suppliers are invaluable partners who are extremely important to us. They complete the range of services we provide, meaning we can offer you a turnkey solution for your project. You can rest easy, knowing that we’ll be managing your project from start to finish. We’ll take care of everything for you.


In short, the quality and range of services offered at Liard Industries are the perfect solution for today’s industry.

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