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Liard Industries produces mechanical parts with absolute precision in a single step thanks to our two 5 axis CNC machines.


The name “5 axis” describes the five directions in which the cutting tool can move. These dimensions are the three X, Y and Z linear axes and two other axes (A and B) around which the tool rotates. This means the machine works on five sides of a part in a single step. 



The 5 axis CNC machines offer Liard Industries infinite possibilities in terms of the size and shape of parts we can produce. For our team, who loves working with this equipment, this is the height of perfection, simultaneously turning, milling and machining a part on all five axes. With our two 5 axis machines, we can give our customers the results they expect: varied parts made with rigorous precision for their most demanding projects. 


“We manufacture lots of unique and often oversize parts that used to require complex set-up on several different machines. The 5 axis machining technology improves our productivity and makes us more competitive!” - Philippe Liard, co-owner, Liard Industries





LIARD INDUSTRIES custom-manufactures process and processing equipment, primarily for the mining, hydroelectric, wood and pulp and paper processing industries. Liard Industries has all the necessary machining, welding and mechanical assembly operations to completely manufacture your equipment in one single location.


We can efficiently and more rapidly complete your projects ! We look forward to discussing your projects, so CONTACT US today.






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