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Nowadays, this is what clients with digital experience expect from retailers. The “traditional” shopping experience, i.e. going into a physical store and purchasing an item that is in stock, is no longer sufficient to satisfy clients’ needs.

To stand out from their digital competitors, in-store retailers now need to offer clients a personalized experience.

Today, lets focus on one of the main aspects that differentiates in-store and online trade—touch. A sense that long remained untapped in the customer experience. In fact, it was only when online sales took off that experts realized just how important touch is in the customer experience and the buying process.

If, like many retailers, you work hard on your points of sale’s displays to really showcase your products, that’s all to your credit! Unless you need to respect hygiene and health rules (in the food industry, for example), allow your clients to touch your products as much as they want, and even encourage them to do so! Holding an object means they can feel the emotions that come from the texture, material, temperature, shape, etc. Touch sends information to the brain which affects our general perception and the feeling of pleasure. So, a successful client experience does not mean touching with your eyes and not your hands! That isn’t enough! As the saying goes: “If you touch it, you will buy it!”  


In stores, the importance of touch doesn’t just concern handling products. It’s the whole ambiance of your store that your clients will feel. Your clients’ overall experience is based on the general ambiance, how they are greeted by your staff, the quality and design of your displays, the lighting, how prices are displayed, your baskets, furniture, changing rooms, circulation between the aisles and finally, the different products you sell. All of this will be scanned by your customers’ five senses in a matter of seconds, meaning they will evaluate your store’s quality and judge your brand.


Fils Métalliques Berthier is a national leader in manufacturing metal displays. However, quite rightly, the company prefers to present itself as a manufacturer that has been working in point of sale communication since 1999.” FMB has built its reputation over the years thanks to its versatile products, its creativity and its ability to adapt to its clients’ needs and the new business diktats in Canada.

Whether you want to present your products in the food, pharmaceutical, industrial or sales industry, or something else entirely, Fils Métalliques Berthier can create stands that meet your needs and those of your clients. Feel free to contact our advisors for a detailed estimate!



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