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One of the most important responsibilities for any director of a dynamic, rapidly-growing manufacturing company is building a distribution network. For manufacturers, it is critical to choose the right distributors, since they are the ones who will help the manufacturer reach not only its sales targets, but also its desired market share.

For the last 15 years, the Melymax company has been manufacturing superior quality doors, providing comfort and peace of mind. When it came time for Melymax President Stéphane Asselin to decide how to market his products, he chose indirect distribution. This means consumers can by Melymax products from a network of over 50 retail distributors across Quebec who have entered into a partnership agreement with the manufacturer.



When they work with Melymax, retailers are more than just distributors. They are business partners! Melymax has a simple mission in working with its partners: make sure they are completely satisfied by offering them custom-made products, with the greatest attention to detail. Made entirely in Quebec, Melymax doors are painstakingly assembled using the best materials on the market, giving them superior quality and durability.

“Consistent product quality and excellent customer service are what Melymax is known for. Our strength is this commitment. It makes us stand out as a leader on the Canadian market, but it is also the reason we offer the best warranties in the industry!” Stéphane Asselin asserts with pride.


Stéphane Asselin, CEO



Becoming a Melymax partner is the beginning of a long-term collaboration, build on trust and quality so that you can go on to built exceptional relationships with your customers! When you become a Melymax partner, you can rest assured that you are offering products and services that are always on the cutting edge of technology.

Our partners are always our number one concern. We support them as they look for solutions that will help them satisfy their customers.

With its partnership program, Melymax aims to highlight the value of bringing together different business sectors (manufacturers-distributors) and invest in the unique skills of each sector by creating commercial synergy that only strengthens the services offered to consumers.



  • Exclusive news for partners
  • Technical support and helpful tips
  • Training on our services for a comprehensive understanding of the technology offered
  • Data sheets and glossaries on products



When you choose Melymax, you are choosing a reliable partner that is also a specialist in the field, with expertise and customer service that are recognized throughout the industry! We believe in the tangible, lasting value of strategic partnerships. That’s why we want to get to know you better and build with you!

Don’t wait! Contact us to learn more about the many advantages of working as a Melymax partner.



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