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Over the years, the values of Liard Industries have been a guarantee of success for our customers. Here’s one example.


At Liard Industries, our 4 core values are:

●     quality: in our products and in our relationships with customers, suppliers, and within our teams at work;

●     reliability;

●     honesty;

●     family: our employees’ families and our extended work family.


An example of collaboration

A few years ago, we worked with a world leader in more than 25 industries, in particular the paper pulp processing industry, for the first time. The trolley cranes that we had manufactured for them had welding issues that couldn’t be overlooked. In keeping with our values, we embraced our responsibility and made every effort to fulfil our commitments in order to deliver a quality product on time. This meant that we had to work overtime at our own expense to ensure that we did not generate additional costs for the customer. As a result, we were able to deliver the complete project on time, at no additional cost and with a high standard of quality.

This dedication to our customers pays off on many levels for everyone involved. In fact, after all these years, that global company continues to work with us, and one of our recent projects for them was the production of a trolley for a 30-ton forest crane gantry in 2019. This type of manufacturing is very expensive and in particular requires a superior level of quality: inspections are critical, and keeping on top manufacturing schedule is of the utmost importance. The client carried out the final inspection on its own before the 6-month project was released. Their feedback was clear: we delivered the project on time, with exemplary quality. “Thanks again, the schedule was perfect, right on time delivery”.

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