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If you're worried about the size of your carbon footprint, you no doubt know that one of the first steps you can take is to reduce the amount of consumer goods you purchase.

In the case of your home's windows and doors, they are certainly not something you purchase frequently, and opting for high-quality products can further reduce the frequency of this type of purchase.


What's more, regularly maintaining your windows and doors, ideally twice a year, can help you extend their useful life to up to at least 25 years! Before winter hits and in the spring, ​Industries Mélymax​ has 5 easy suggestions of things to do to protect your products :

  1. ​Keep your glazing products clean. This helps more natural light enter your home. An energy-consumption factor that shouldn't be overlooked in winter! Choose a cloudy rather than a sunny day to clean your windows. When water evaporates quickly, it tends to leave marks on your glazing. Don't use kitchen paper—instead opt for scrunched up newspaper and use 1 part white vinegar mixed with 2 parts warm water. Don't forget to remove your mosquito nets before winter to reduce the formation of condensation.
  2. Lubricate the hardware.​ Using a damp cloth, start by removing dust from the threshold, locks, handles and hinges. Leave them to dry then apply an all-purpose silicon-based lubricant spray. This will allow your products to function effortlessly.
  3. Check the condition of the weatherstrips on doors. ​With our climate's differing temperatures, weatherstrips can dry out, shrink and crack over time, reducing their insulating properties. Drafts constitute energy losses that can increase your heating and air conditioning bills, depending on the season. To rectify the situation, make sure you quickly replace the damaged products with weatherstrip tape that will resist the sun and humidity. However, remember that these are temporary solutions that need to be inspected each year!
  4. Check the condition of the sealant.​ When your windows and doors were fitted, a sealant or caulking was applied all along the outside edges to ensure that they are watertight. But, when exposed to the sun's UV rays and differences in temperature, the sealant dries out, cracks and shrinks. This results in a perfect point of entry for cold air in winter, leaks when it rains or, even worse, during the spring thaw! If you spot any cracks or see that your sealant has started to peel off, this must absolutely be repaired. Call in a professional if necessary.
  5. Control your home's temperature and humidity level.​ Sometimes, after installing new doors and windows in a house, they show signs of condensation, even though they are new. This is due to the fact that the house no longer breathes—it is too well sealed. One way to remedy this is to install an air exchanger. Read this article to know the ​right temperature and humidity levels for your home​.


Industries Mélymax​ manufactures steel doors using the best materials the market has to offer. They evolve with you over the seasons, making sure your home stays comfortable and saving you money.



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