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APF Villeneuve organized a tour of its facilities with the help of its partners Alliance Métal Québec, Trans-Al and CRITM. A few customers and partners were lucky enough to take part in this presentation on May 25. 

CEO Érick Villeneuve, the production supervisor, the sales manager, and the project manager presented the company to the visitors.   


The visit was organized to highlight the possibilities that automation can offer to factories, and the real benefits that arise from this technological breakthrough. 

Mr. Villeneuve began by explaining the company's history and how it operates. He went on to talk about the difficulties faced by contractors and the current labour shortage. 


The solution to improving business efficiency is automation. 

The critical stages in a move toward automation, from planning to implementation, were presented, underlining the importance of involving workers in the process. 


The visitors also had the opportunity to compare two processes, one carried out with the help of automated equipment and the other with traditional labour. 

This hands-on presentation clearly demonstrated the performance and accuracy of automation, and why APF Villeneuve has embraced this technological change.  


An information capsule was also presented to visitors to enhance their knowledge about the automation process. 

These capsules gave participants an up-close look at the CNC machines in action, helping them to understand the company's vision in terms of efficiency and quality.  


Finally, APF Villeneuve took the opportunity to demonstrate to guests the benefits of connected machines for improving the production process.  

Real-time demonstrations showed how these technologies optimize operational management and preventive maintenance. 


In short, this comprehensive presentation of the plant helped visitors to immerse themselves in APF Villeneuve's highly automated environment, and to see for themselves how automation ensures efficiency and respect for quality in the various stages, with a reduced number of personnel.  


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