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APF Villeneuve is proud to have supported rising triathlete Julianna Larose throughout her last season. 

Although company president Érick Villeneuve works in a completely different field, he shares Julianna’s vision of always pushing personal limits. 


A 2022 Quebec provincial champion in her age group, Julianna Larose received a $500 merit scholarship from APF Villeneuve.  


In addition to this generous donation, she also received an additional $500 scholarship in recognition of her outstanding academic record. Financial support totalling $1,000, which will be offered again for the 2024 season, has enabled Juliana to focus on her athletic performance. 

The talented Crabtree athlete recently wrapped up a memorable triathlon season, her first of two years in the U-15 age category.  


Despite an unfortunate accident resulting in injury during the last triathlon of the season (the Esprit de Montréal triathlon), Julianna finished her season in Quebec in fourth place, just one place outside this year’s Quebec top 3. Her determination to finish the race in spite of obstacles is a testament to her tenacity.  


In her season recap, Julianna shared her achievements, including three podium finishes. She won two silver medals and one bronze medal. Her remarkable performances in the Nicolet, Joliette and Duchesnay Triathlons highlighted her consistency and athleticism.  


In addition to her athletic achievements, Julianna has also taken her academic success to the next level, completing Secondary 2 with an average of over 90%. Julianna’s successful management of her time between accelerated courses and sports training testifies to her ongoing commitment to the Sport-Études program. 


While the triathlon season is over, Juliana Larose is now resolutely looking toward the future. Ongoing training as well as running and swimming competitions are still on the agenda.  


This inspiring story of support, determination and success shows how collaborations between committed companies and enthusiastic athletes can help the latter achieve their goals and overcome obstacles. 



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