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UDACO carries out steel welding and machining projects for various industrial sectors.

Whether it is for industrial, mining or safety equipment, UDACO manufactures custom-made parts according to specifications that are sometimes non-standard and very large in size.


To accommodate such projects, last year, the company added 7,000 square feet to the surface area of its plant, to reach 27,000 square feet. "We have also increased our lifting capacity with the addition of two overhead cranes of 10 tons each and a building height of 30 feet," added Caroline Baril, General Manager.


Thus, with its professional and multidisciplinary team, its preparation, machining, welding, laser cutting, sandblasting and painting departments, UDACO is able to bring together under one roof all the operations for most industrial projects entrusted to it, while limiting external interventions. This obviously translates into significant time savings for the realization of projects, from design to delivery.


Towards Industry 4.0

At UDACO, the acquisition of state-of-the-art equipment is also part of a transition plan towards Industry 4.0. In 2019, the company acquired a laser cutting machine. This high-performance equipment cuts steel plates up to one inch thick. This is particularly useful for the production and assembly of industrial equipment.


Thanks to its machine park, its vast installations, its numerous departments, UDACO is a reliable and versatile supplier that is able to offer 360° solutions to all its current and future customers.


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