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If you’re looking for the ideal way to highlight your products for consumers, Fils Métalliques Berthier (FMB) has the solution for you: metal displays. 

Their durability, versatility and increased return on investment will convince you that they’re the best option !


1. Strong and durable

There’s no contest: a metal display is simply stronger and more durable. It withstands impacts and can be configured to hold all types of products in different sizes. It’s ideal for many uses in every industry, including grocery, pharmaceutical, commercial and industrial.


We cover our self-standing, highly stable displays with a very strong paint (in your choice of colour) so they’re easy to clean. When a protective zinc coating is added below the paint, displays can be used outdoors.


2. Versatile

A metal display can be easily adapted to your existing store fixtures. It can also easily be used to hold parts and inventory in garages, warehouses and manufacturing facilities. At FMB, you can order displays in small, medium or large quantities. We manufacture units that can be delivered in a single block, folded, or easy-to assemble flat formats.


3. Economical

Metal displays can easily be adapted, so you have the ability to post permanent signage as well as change visuals and promotions on your racks or stands based on your needs. This gives you the practical ability to use the same space at a lower cost to promote a new product.


4. Eco-friendly

When you choose a metal display, you’re showing that your company is eco-friendly because your display has a very long lifespan and is completely—and infinitely—recyclable.


5. Better return on investment

Since it’s flexible and versatile, easy to clean and has a long lifespan, you can reuse the same metal display for many product launches or for various different uses. At FMB, we meticulously support you in creating your custom metal displays so they completely fit your needs. Contact us today!



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