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To meet our clients’ growing demand and at the same time modernize part of production by adding cutting edge technical equipment, the ​SUMMA METAL ​Terrebonne plant surface area is being increased by 9,567 sq. ft., which is more than half the current surface area of 16,606 sq.ft.

The new facilities will enable the purchase of a plasma-cutting robot, among other equipment. This new machine will facilitate the cutting process and part handling. This increased flexibility will bring greater productivity at an extremely competitive cost.


At the same time, with an extended workspace that will total 26,173 sq.ft., this will enable us to accept contracts that we previously had to refuse due to a lack of space and resources. Some parts are very large and require a lot of warehouse space.


The extension works are beginning this fall and we are working in collaboration with TLA Architects, DPHV engineering firm and Aspect Construction in order to create an efficient building that will fit in perfectly with the existing structure, using innovative and effective solutions to reduce the negative impacts on the environment and guarantee worker comfort and health & safety.


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