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Industry 4.0 (the use of smart factories) is considered the Fourth Industrial Revolution, after prior iterations in machines, motors, and electronics (information technology, Internet, and satellites).

Legend of the picture: Liard is a paperless factory, drawings and work instructions are on electronic tablets and computers at the workstations.




Industry 4.0 has redefined the manufacturing industry, systems, and processes. It has also greatly impacted management procedures, business models, and labour. How does it work? Simply put, Industry 4.0 involves structured automation and integrating new technologies in the value chain.


Liard’s shift to Industry 4.0

The plant has already undertaken several actions to kick off this new initiative. In summer 2019, we implemented the following:

● Digitization of all documents for a paperless plant 

● Use of Appsheet for information management and task distribution 

● Replacement of basic ERP with a computer system customized for Liard

● Use of tablets at workstations to provide information required for tasks

Taking these steps, we can see clear improvements in deadline management and a 50% decrease in errors caused by information loss.   


Revue des instructions de travail avec le superviseur chez Liard.

Review of work instructions with the supervisor at Liard.                                                                                                                    

How we serve customers better with Industry 4.0

First, automating procedures and digitizing documents allows us to deliver quality, error-free products while meeting deadlines. Second, this strategy helps us work closely with our customers. They can now go online to see their order status in real time and send us their adjustments, requirements, and questions on a dedicated platform. It’s like they have full plant access. 


Employé à l'oeuvre chez Liard.

Employee at work at Liard.


Liard is proud to lead the charge with this innovation and strengthen our position as a leader in machining and turnkey projects. Want more information? Liard Industries would be happy to help you.


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