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The most demanding buyers from healthcare establishments and the retail market are adopting Cart Supreme carts.

Since it was founded by Richard Bureau in 2000, our company has been passionate about manufacturing metal wire handling equipment, especially for the hospital and retail market sectors. Our aim is to provide profitable solutions to cart users, by adequately meeting your needs.


Our staff advises you and provides effective support in the process to manufacture the best models suited to your needs. In a word, with Cart Supreme, everything runs smoothly !


Here is an overview of our main carts :

Carts for grocery stores and the retail market

● Grocery baskets
● Ultra-robust carts
● Supermarket carts
● Other custom products


Carts for hospitals

● Laundry carts
● Solute transport carts
● Safety cages
● Closed cabinet carts
● Sterilization carts
● Other custom products


All Cart Supreme staff uphold the principle that it is essential to satisfy our customers’ requests, especially for custom products in which we have developed great expertise over nearly 20 years.


An history of adaptation

At Cart Supreme, we have a spirit of innovation and are proud to have developed the Adapta Plus grid shelving system. Its unique features make it a robust, versatile and multi-purpose product that can be adapted to your specific needs.

The Adapta Plus shelving system is especially popular with our customers in the healthcare sector for the following reasons :

● Does not retain dust
● Air circulation and light distribution
● Good visibility enabling better inventory control
● Enables the superimposition of another shelf to maximize the vertical storage space


Cart Supreme products are distributed and delivered directly by the company everywhere in North America, including USA, within optimal delivery times. Contact us!



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