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Hospitals around the world are currently under great strain as we continue to deal with the COVID-19 virus.

It is important to note that some areas, such as dialysis, have not ceased operations because they are critical to patients. The same is true for ADAPTAID, a Canadian medical engineering company specializing in the design and manufacture of technical solutions for the medical sector. We have continued our operations throughout the lockdown.


During this pandemic, hospitals have had to adapt their treatment methods to avoid infecting patients with chronic or acute renal failure insofar as this is possible, especially those who end up in intensive care. ADAPTAID therefore had to respond to a high demand for its equipment used to treat the water that filters patients’ blood.


Various types of dialysis treatments consist of circulating the blood outside the body in a purification device in order to induce exchanges between the patient’s plasma and the liquid (dialyzate) circulating in this device. Since water is the main component of dialyzate and these procedures require large volumes of dialyzate, it is essential to control its bacteriological and chemical quality in order to reduce toxic and infectious risks. In more technical terms, this process is called ​reverse osmosis water treatment to replace renal function. ​ADAPTAID specializes in the manufacture of components that are used to prefilter the water in the unit (to ensure that it is of “medical-grade” purity) using a complex process.


The manufacture of these devices must be flawless so that the purity of the water remains uncompromised. Here, we are referring to the welds (which must be impeccable) as well as the fluidity of the water in the pipes (which must constantly circulate without ever becoming stagnant in order to prevent the growth of any bacteria).


At ADAPTAID, patient safety and the quality of our products are of utmost importance. This is achieved through the competence of our team and the rigor of our processes, from design to manufacturing. Of course, we take all necessary social distancing and disinfection measures to protect our dedicated staff, suppliers, and customers.

ADAPTAID products are sold throughout Canada and internationally. For more information, please contact us at +1-450-585-7272 or ​​.



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