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Founded in 1991 by Robert Desrosiers, ​RH Equipment today stands out as a leader in the hydraulic aerial ladder industry.

In 2010, Carl Desrosiers succeeded his father and began the search for a new associate. He turned to Jonathan Lesage, who he knew well, and who had vast experience in the manufacturing sector.


As the two associates took control of the company, the industry was rapidly changing and manufacturers were forced to lighten their equipment while retaining robustness. However, it was important that equipment did not lose any of its durability. RH therefore turned to much more advanced, and more expensive, alloys that enabled the creation of much more technical machines.


RH evolved in line with the trucking and motor industry. Today, vehicles must meet more complex safety standards; weights have been reduced and crumple zones are larger. The engineering analyses for impact deflection and absorption mean that manufacturers must stretch their design standards ever-further.


The company therefore put significant effort into research and development, enabling it to offer an entirely redesigned line of products in 2015. In the meantime, the plant had also been extended, as since 2014, RH’s fifty or so employees have been manufacturing everything they design.


This new line of products truly propelled the company to new heights! A pioneer in telecoms, RH is proud to be the exclusive manufacturer of ladder trucks for customers such as Bell, Vidéotron, Telus and Eastlink. RH also has numerous customers in the electricity sector (Hydro-Québec), as well as sign manufacturers, municipalities, hire companies, and aircraft, road and traffic sign maintenance companies.


In 2018, RH also made a significant breakthrough in the international markets, exporting 10 times as many products as in 2016. India and South Korea ordered specialized fire trucks, and American telecoms companies discovered RH’s insulated and non-insulated aerial ladders.


Jonathan Lesage, President of RH, believes that “​it is highly possible that orders will skyrocket in the years to come!”​ The company is located in Canada and works with an American distributor that has exclusive rights to RH products.



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