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When people want to describe a company, they often focus on values and culture. At Liard Industries, quality in everything is part of our team’s DNA.

No matter what task needs to be done in any of the company’s departments, everything at LIARD INDUSTRIES is seen through the same lens: generating quality work and manufacturing quality products!

This value was instilled by the founders and their successors and now each member of the Liard team carries this torch—in the offices as well as in our production facilities. It’s an attitude, a mental outlook that drives us to do everything according to professional standards, from every point of view. 

Our team’s competence reassures our customers at every step while we’re manufacturing their projects, no matter how complex they may be.  Experience and continuing employee education enable us to pay proper attention to the details, which makes the difference in the products we deliver, something demonstrated by a quality level that surpasses the competition.

The documentation we submit with our projects describes in detail the quality tests we conduct from the beginning of the project and all throughout the manufacturing process (ITP). We’re very proud of the inspections and the attention we pay to the smallest details, even down to our process for receiving the materials ordered by our customers. 

Our reputation at Liard Industries is also built on the quality of our relationships with suppliers and customers, which are focused on effective collaboration that provides satisfaction to all. Communicating with customers is essential for us!




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