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Synetik wants to raise awareness of the importance of employee comfort and health in companies in Quebec and elsewhere. This can be achieved through worker training, a stimulating work environment and access to adapted equipment such as height-adjustable tables.

Although the purchase of new adjustable tables may represent an initial cost, the benefits in terms of reduced risk of musculoskeletal injury and improved employee well-being are well worth the effort. The use of these tables enables employees to switch back and forth between sitting and standing positions, promoting blood circulation, concentration and productivity. The sedentary nature of prolonged sitting can lead to health problems.

Despite the apparent ease of seated work, remaining in this position for long periods can lead to significant fatigue in employees. The static muscular contractions in the neck, shoulders and trunk associated with sitting can impair blood circulation, causing muscle fatigue and increasing the risk of long-term injury. The use of a height-adjustable table allows workers to work in a standing position, which facilitates movement, maintains better posture and improves health on several levels.

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