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Mailhot Industries hydraulic cylinders are known internationally for their durability and their longevity.

Behind this success lies an industrial salt bath nitriding process, which gives the cylinders their characteristic black color, but also product features essential to their performance.


The nitriding process

Salt bath nitriding is an industrial surface treatment process that’s been in use for a few decades. The technology has evolved so that it is today used in a vast array of industries, ranging from automotive parts, to home appliances components, and of course to hydraulic cylinders.


The process consists in submerging parts to treat in a molten salt bath, at a temperature close to 600°C. At this temperature, the salts’ chemical composition allows for nitrogen and carbon to diffuse into the steel, to create surface layers unique to the nitriding process. The nitrogen-rich surface layers possess improved properties when compared to the remainder of the part, namely increased wear, corrosion and fatigue resistance.


Wear resistance

The outermost nitrogen rich layer possesses an increased hardness over the base steel. This higher hardness generates an increase in wear resistance for the surface, which is essential in a hydraulic cylinder application. Indeed, the surface being submitted to thousands of cycles per year must maintain adequate finish to preserve against leaking of the hydraulic seals.


Corrosion resistance

Nitrided components have an innate resistance to corrosion and oxidation, which is essential to hydraulic cylinders as they are often exposed to outdoors conditions or, even worse, to corrosive environments in garbage trucks compactors.


All steel parts of a hydraulic cylinder benefit from the nitriding process, which is why Mailhot telescopic cylinders are 100 % nitrided.


The process requires a know-how that has been developed by Mailhot Industries employees over the years. With this expertise, Mailhot is able to offer the best warranty and its cylinders are considered to be the best in the industry!



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