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Coaticook, a town in the province of Québec, called on Leblanc illuminations’ expertise to illuminate their holiday season in 2017 and 2019.

To make their downtown even more festive, the municipality invested in street decorations to create a new, interactive experience, to attract families and enhance the customer experience with businesses. 


Downtown Coaticook was transformed into an illuminated exhibition using Leblanc illuminations’ expertise. Visitors discovered an impressive giant immersive ball, the first of its size in Canada. A giant gift was used as an interactive attraction at the entrance to the Town Hall, allowing visitors to climb inside and take photos. Decorations were also added to pedestrian crossings and lampposts. Candelabras hung above the neighbouring streets surrounded the space where Santa Claus met children.  

Leblanc illuminations lived up to expectations, delivering on tight deadlines and proving to be agile right up to the last minute. 

Julie Favreau, Project Manager for Coaticook’s Rue Principale, enthusiastically shares the joy the event generated in the town: 

“The result is super… people loved it and the evening was one of our best ever… There were around 600 people present, we believe! People are coming day and night to take selfies—which is exactly what I wanted to achieve. The decor stays lit 24 hours a day, so, it’s bright and impressive even in daylight!” 


If you have an idea for a spectacular concept for a special place or event, contact  them now to work together to create a magical experience that will dazzle your audience. Big or small, we create lasting emotions! 

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