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Canada Hydraulic Equipment Inc. (CHE) makes a major improvement to 2-post lift safety. 


Not only are CHE’s hydraulic lifts designed with protection on each lifting arm—for a total of 4 lifting arm locks—these now lock automatically when vehicles are raised up. This innovation means peace of mind for users because they know they can work in total safety.


Also, this automatic lifting arm lock can be mounted on all Girolift™ models, including those already installed.  Simply replace our manual lifting arm lock with the automatic model to give users greater lift equipment reliability.

Most lifts on the market today only have 2 locking mechanisms, or even just a single lifting arm lock per pair of arms. After many years in use, this technology has presented some shortcomings. It can become less effective with time due to wear and tear, meaning it will have to be replaced. Replacing this lifting arm lock often entails significant costs in terms of parts and labor because the lock is an integral part of the lifting arm. Unlike our competitors, we position the lifting arm locks for Girolift™ lifts on the outer side of lifting arms, making replacement and maintenance a breeze.


Canada Hydraulic Equipment Inc. is always ready to meet the needs of the lift sector with innovations that give our customers work equipment that’s easy to use and, most importantly, safe. And don’t forget that CHE lifts enjoy 100% hydraulic synchronization, with no cables, chains or pulleys. Contact a member of the Girolift™ consulting service today to discuss your project!

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