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With 65 years of experience, Mailhot is a true specialist in telescopic or single stage cylinders and is dedicated to developing innovative solutions with the aim of always better serving its clients. One of its flagship processes is nitriding.


What is nitriding? Nitriding is a treatment of steel that makes it possible to increase resistance to wear-off and corrosion. Such treatment allows steel-on-steel friction without any interaction with another material that could lead to deterioration. What does this mean for the client? A durable product that eliminates the risk of long-term wear-off or corrosion.

Mailhot creates solutions for the customer: For a client who was experimenting with cylinder bursting due to overpressure, a valve system was developed and implemented, thus giving the product a longer service life. Also, Mailhot has innovated by developing a patented scraper (shaver) integrated into its cylinders for waste collection truck applications allowing the surface of the tubes to be cleaned and kept clean and intact with each use.


The Mailhot patented shaver.


The Mailhot warranty

The expertise of our engineering and manufacturing team ensures increased reliability. Mailhot offers one of the best warranties in the industry.

We are aware of the impact that a broken cylinder could have: trucks being down, loss of time and money for our clients, etc. Mailhot offers a warranty that is among the best in the industry. This is why we are committed to offering exemplary after-sales service. We have a bilingual team available and dedicated, we respond quickly when needed to replace the product with new or reconditioned, according to your needs, when the product is under warranty. We also analyze defective products to ensure constant improvement in the quality of our cylinders.

Looking to prevent nasty accidents and considerable loss of time due to broken cylinders? Get Mailhot cylinders!


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