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Constantly on the lookout for new ideas and trends to improve the overall performance of the organization and the well-being and happiness of its employees, FMB follows the main principles of what is now commonly known as horizontal company management. 

Horizontal management approaches seek to eliminate structural barriers and prioritize collaboration within an organization. 

This is why developing a shared decision-making process is one of the methods of horizontal leadership. 

This means that FMB employees are involved in the company's key decision-making processes and put forward their views, regardless of their current position in the corporate hierarchy. 

Influential and supportive leadership is delegated to the team leaders in each department, who make up the management committee.  

Every day, a horizontal decision-making process is set in motion for all plant management issues, as the entire FMB team is always updated on what's going on in and for the company. 

With horizontal management, a manager's responsibilities are completely different. 

They move from the role of manager and decision-maker to that of coach. 

They must avoid being authoritarian in order to earn the trust of their teams, create close bonds and secure their teams’ natural commitment and the employees’ intrinsic motivation.  

Now, the manager facilitates, accompanies, listens, encourages autonomy and values everyone's contribution. 

In our company, we believe that horizontal management has a positive effect on the working environment and atmosphere, team cohesion and employees' sense of belonging. 

What's more, it fosters the creation of a shared learning space, designed to find methods of facilitating collaboration and the transmission of ideas. 

In conclusion, our collaborative practices are framed by values such as benevolence, autonomy and initiative.  

This shared management style puts the employee at the heart of the company.  

In fact, managers prioritize the health and growth of their operational team members above all else. 

A satisfied and fulfilled team member will be more productive and efficient in their work, which in turn will help boost company performance. 

With horizontal management, FMB is also becoming more agile: teams are more forward-thinking and more dynamic, and the cohesion between teams increases the company's creativity and innovation, which ultimately boosts its competitiveness.  

Horizontal management at FMB: a powerful tool to secure a positive future. 

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