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Over the next few months, Aluquip will supply three 23-foot aluminium platforms. These platforms will be installed on Lion Électrique trucks, which have been ordered by the Ministry of Transport’s Centre de gestion de l'équipement roulant (CGER). This partnership between Aluquip and Lion Électrique guarantees a product made entirely in Quebec.

Aluquip has won a contract from the Ministry of Transport following a public call for tenders issued in winter 2023. The ministry's aim is to further electrify its truck fleet, which is why they chose Aluquip's aluminium platforms.

Aluminium platforms have long been recognized for their many advantages. They are corrosion resistant, low maintenance and up to 40% lighter than steel platforms. What's more, they are fully recyclable.

Aluquip's success as a leading manufacturer of aluminium platforms for signage, as well as its ability to manage projects in the public and quasi-public sectors, were probably decisive factors in winning the contract.

The company has been designing and manufacturing sturdy, durable aluminium platforms for many years, including a specialized range for the signage sector.

Aluquip also stands out for its turnkey service, from computer-aided design on SolidWorks to vehicle certification with Transport Canada, as well as its attentiveness to customer needs.

Lion Électrique, a Quebec company based in Saint-Jérôme, specializes in the manufacture of electric vehicles, mainly heavy-duty trucks. The aluminium platforms supplied by Aluquip will be installed on Lion's all-electric trucks, including the Lion 6 model.

These electric trucks offer numerous advantages, such as reduced greenhouse gas emissions, lower noise levels and lower operating costs thanks to their lower energy consumption compared with traditional gasoline or diesel-powered trucks.

By combining the advantages of Lion's electric trucks with Aluquip's aluminium platforms, the Ministry of Transport will benefit from high-performance, durable equipment while reducing its environmental impact. All these efforts are aligned with the greenhouse gas emission reduction targets set by governments.

Don’t hesitate to contact Aluquip for your aluminium platform and bodywork needs. Our expertise is at your disposal for your truck!

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