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In our current context, mental health is being put to the test and access to psychotherapeutic care is still a challenge for Quebecois.


According to an article in La Presse, out of 6,000 Quebecois interviewed, 20% suffer from mental health problems, while during normal times (before Covid-19) this index is “2 to 6 times lower”…

That is why Liard needs to focus not only on mental health but also on the overall health of Quebecois men by participating in Movember 2020.


What is Movember?

Movember is a philanthropic organization whose goal is to “change the face of men’s health” through various actions, projects, and fundraising activities around the world.

Its most famous initiative involves growing a moustache in support of the struggle against cancers affecting men. It takes place in November, which thus becomes the “month of the moustache.”


The organization also aims to improve mental health and prevent suicide among men, through various programs and through its foundation’s investments in mental health efforts.

The causes of mental health problems and suicide have added significance in 2020, which is why at Liard we are committed to getting involved with various organizations and institutions to help counteract the effects of these issues, particularly on the male population in Quebec.


Movember 2020: How does Liard commit to the cause?

With the goal of raising awareness and in the spirit of making fun of ourselves, every Monday in November our participating team will post the evolution of their moustaches on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


You can keep up with our moustaches by following us on social media, and you can support the team in 3 easy steps:


●     Go to the Donate page

●     Type “Liard industries” in the search bar

●     Donate.


Through your donations, you enable Movember to “find and fund the groundbreaking projects” to achieve significant progress in men’s health at the local and global scale.

Through our participation, Liard Industries seeks to bring hope and contribute to Movember’s promise: “By 2030, we aim to reduce the number of men dying prematurely by 25%” With everyone’s support, this is what we hope to achieve.

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